What is the process for organising funding?

When you first make contact we will immediately give you a telephone call to get more information and make an appointment to meet to understand your circumstances. Once we have spoken with you a dedicated business finance expert will research the market for the best deals/options to provide recommendations that will meet your individual requirements. When we have discussed in detail with you your options we shall arrange, should you wish, for the suggested funder(s) to meet you so they can show you a personalised proposal for you to make a decision on how to proceed. Funding can be provided in just days should you want to move forward quickly.

What are the requirements to qualify for invoice finance?

To qualify for invoice finance your company must trade primarily with other businesses and offer credit terms. In order for invoice finance to be cost effective a company will require a business turnover of at least £100,000 per year.

To setup an invoice finance facility what do I need to provide?
  • 3 years of accounts and management accounts or if a new company projections for turnover
  • The company’s incorporation certificate
  • The company’s VAT certificate
  • A sample contract used with clients
  • A sample sales invoice
  • An Aged Creditor Analysis and Aged Debtor Analysis that are up-to-date
How easily and quickly can I end a relationship with an Invoice Finance Funder?

When you enter an agreement with an Invoice Finance funder you will be agreeing to certain terms in the contract and these will have to be adhered to when you wish to exit the contract. It is very important that this part of the contract is studied carefully before any agreement is signed and made legal.

Most contracts will have a notice period which will protect both parties should either one wish to terminate their relationship. Normally notice periods in contracts are either 3 or 6 months or on occasion they can also be on the eve of the anniversary or annually.

If you wish to end the relationship prior to the expiry of the notice period you will need the permission of the funder. Ending the funding early will often lead to large termination charge which is likely to be based on the lost revenue the funder will experience.