Spot Factoring


Spot factoring is where invoice factoring of invoice discounting is conducted  on a select set of invoices and is sometimes therefore also referred to as selective invoice factoring. If only one invoice is to be factored the often this can be called single invoice factoring.

If you are familiar with invoice factoring and invoice discounting then all you need to know is that it relates one or a few select invoices as chosen by the business requiring the service. If you are new to invoice finance then spot factoring is an innovative business finance product that allows businesses to improve their cash flow by releasing money in debtor invoices that have been sent to customers but have not been paid.

How spot factoring works?
  • Flexibility – Allows businesses to pick and choose which invoices they would like to release funds from to improve cash flow.
  • Quick Access to Capital – Funds can of ten be released within 24 hours of an invoice being raised.
  • No Long-term Commitment – You don’t have to sign-up for the rest of your life, the product is only good for as long as you need it!
  • Transparent Costs – There are no hidden extras and everything will be explained to you before you any paperwork is signed.
  • Maintain Control – With spot factoring you can choose to chase your clients for payment yourself or allow a professional team to do this for you.

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